Wooden Rabbit Hutches

Super Pet Hexagonal Rabbit Hutch

This hexagonal rabbit hutch is gorgeous. Unusual, and so fine.

But looks apart, it's been designed thoughtfully. The positions of the shelve and box allow for the maximum space, PLUS allowing the middle comfort shelf to double as a step. Your pet will have more than 7.5 feet of living space. The wooden door at the back makes it easy to sort the hay out, and clean up.

You can take out the floor panels, and slide out the plastic tray. This also helps make it possible to clean the hutch thoroughly, without too much hassle.

The pull-out treat drawer is a delightful touch. And to keep your pet comfortable and healthy, there are ventilation windows.

For safety, the doors are hinged and they do lock.  

This unique hexagon hutch is obviously good quality, and you can be sure it will last a long time because it is made with wood treated to withstand the outdoors, and because of little touches like the plastic feet and the rust resistant wire.

It's designed to be used outside but some people use it indoors too. It's size is:  44in L x 28in W x 61in H (But do remember that the corners come off).

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Is a Wooden Rabbit Hutch Better Than a Rabbit Cage?


You’re about to get a pet rabbit and wondering if a wooden rabbit hutch is a better buy than a rabbit cage. Let’s do some comparison and you can see what each one will do for your bunny.

You can find several styles in both kinds of homes for the bunny. You’ll see that they range from the very simple to almost bunny mansions. When the word cage is used in conjunction with bunnies, there’s a tendency to picture a teeny wire cage with a bunny cramped up inside of it. But you can buy sprawling two story cages that even have a detachable run available as a separate accessory.

Cages are made of small wire and though they are easy to clean, most of them don’t have a bottom to them that’s best for the rabbit. However, a few of them do have flooring. You can find some two-story cages that have a solid flooring on the upper half of them.

There are simple cages that come with hard bottoms and are made of metal. Regardless of whether you get a wire-bottomed cage or a metal-bottomed cage, you’d still need to cover it to protect your rabbit’s feet and to give him something comfortable to lie on.

On the plus side, cages are easy to clean and the bottom can come separate from the rest of the cage. They’re easy to take down, fold and transport if you need to travel with your pet or if you’re moving.

A wooden rabbit hutch can offer the same shelter as a rabbit cage. You can have two story ones with plenty of space, easy access to the bunny and easy to clean with pull out trays below the hutch.

They’re not as easy to take apart if you plan to take them elsewhere. However, they offer excellent care for the bunny. You can find wooden luxury models that look like little homes complete with a bunny walkway and raised sleeping quarters over a spacious run.

Both a cage and a hutch can be situated to open out into a run where your bunny can have space outside. Understand that any hutch or cage can be too small if you keep multiple rabbits in both.

Other than that, a hutch or a cage can offer adequate room to sleep and eat in. It used to be that cages were the most unattractive way to house a rabbit but with all the models and styles now, it’s not true.

So when you’re figuring out if a wooden rabbit hutch or a rabbit cage is the best choice for your pet, you’ll find that there will be things you’ll appreciate about either one. If you plan to keep your rabbit for the duration, you might want to think about getting a cage for the inside of your house and a hutch for the outside.