Rabbit Hutches With Runs

WARE Premium + Back Yard Hutch


This hutch is really nice to look at. It's well made, and has an open section - the play area - plus a sheltered area. The nest box.

The space it takes on the ground is about 9 square foot (2 ft x 4.5 ft), and the living space a little less. If, however, the sun is blazing down, or it's raining, or there is a lot going on (like a party) that disturbs your rabbit, then it doesn't have very much of a refuge. I wonder if it'll start burrowing down into the ground. The hutch hasn't got a bottom, you see.

It's a lovely hutch, just big enough for one rabbit, although I'd say better for a dwarf rabbit.

Well, for one thing, you don't have to fiddle around with cleaning cages because you just lift it up and plonk it down somewhere else in your yard! Thing is .. who's then clearing up?

Owners have said that they found it very easy to put together. One owner even said she used this hutch indoors, for her baby bunnies, over the winter!

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Tips For Setting Up Rabbit Hutches and Runs

When you set up the run, don’t place it on an area of the yard that’s been treated by any chemicals or you can make the bunny get sick. Double check to make sure all the latches are properly secure once you put your pet into the new home. A rabbit hutch run gives your pet a safe environment from the weather as well as predators where he can enjoy his days.

Buy a Rabbit Hutch and Run Together to Save Money

Your pet bunny will need a rabbit hutch and run so that he can have both the comfort and the exercise he needs. If you buy both together, you’ll end up saving money in the long run.

Even though many hutches are quite large, for their physical and emotional, rabbits need to be able to move freely about. They need to have that freedom yet at the same time, because they are small animals that can be targets for other animals such as cats or foxes, so they must be protected. They also need that fresh air and sunshine.

It’s never a good idea to let a bunny alone in a yard. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can take your pet out of a hutch and turn him loose in a fenced in backyard and he’d be fine.

Predators can get over or under a fence to get to a rabbit. The purpose of a rabbit run is to keep him safe from harm. The run is usually made of wire mesh or chain link fence material. The spaces between the wire are made so that the rabbit can’t get a foot caught up in the wire.

When you get a rabbit hutch and run check with the manufacturer details on the kind of lumber or other materials that were used to make the run. Know ahead of time what’s safe for your bunny to be around and what’s not since some wood is toxic to a rabbit.

A good wood to use in a run is fir wood that’s not been treated with any kind of sealant that has a noxious fume to it. You’ll want the run you purchase to have an access door for you to be able to get to the bunny easily but you’ll want that door to be sturdy enough so that if he pushes against it, the latch won’t spring open.

A run that’s too small defeats the purpose. A good rule of thumb to follow when considering what size run to get is to make sure it’s at least twice the size of a medium hutch, which would be about 36 inches in width.

Some runs come with flooring but most do not which allows owner to simply move the hutch to a new area in the yard if the ground becomes muddy or is no longer suitable for the pet.

Having flooring on a run is a matter of personal preference but being able to nibble on untreated grass and be on a natural setting is more of a treat for the bunny than using synthetic means.

Your pet needs both a rabbit hutch and run already in place before you bring him home. He’ll want to familiarize himself with his surroundings and the sooner he learns he’s home, the more secure he’ll feel. Buying a hutch and run that you can just assembly can give you that convenience factor as well as save you money.

Rabbit Hutches With Runs Give Your Pet A Lot More Freedom


Your bunny needs a rabbit hutch run. If you take home a starter kit when you buy your rabbit, it’ll consist of a small cage and some supplies intended for you to be able to care for your rabbit right away. But those should only be considered a temporary measure.

A rabbit needs to have regular exercise routine to maintain good health and those that lead a caged, sedentary life fall into poor health. Bunnies that don’t have the freedom they need to hop and move about can get listless and uninterested in anything. It's as if they get depressed! And because their  mental and physical health gets so poor, they don’t tend to live as long as rabbits that are cared for in a correct manner.

Like people, rabbits that lie around most of the day and don’t have the space to move about, will grow fat. And we're not talking a little podge here and there. No! These  rabbits without the space to roam  can get quite obese.

When a pet lies around all day with nothing to do, it’ll naturally eat more. Sometimes out of boredom - like people do - and sometimes because the food is there and eating gives it something to do.

Without the benefit of a rabbit hutch run, your bunny can develop problems like heart failure, brittle bones, skin infections, digestive problems, and feet malformations. They don't live a brilliant life.   

Bunnies are not by nature aggressive but can develop the trait due to the frustration they feel by having to remain so long in such cramped quarters.