Rabbit Hutch Covers

Rabbit Hutch Covers

Rabbit Hutch Covers Protect
Include a Rabbit Hutch Cover to Shield Your Pet from the Elements and Attackers

There are some essentials you need to have when you own bunnies and a rabbit hutch cover is one of those essentials. It’s not simply and accessory to go over the hutch and make it look good.

It’s made to give your pet a shield of protection from the biting wind in the wintertime along with the lower temperatures. With fur all over their small bodies, you’d think they’d be well equipped to withstand the colder months, but rabbits go underground and find shelter from the elements that way. Kept in a hutch, they don’t have the option of burrowing so it’s up to the owner to provide a way out of the wind.

The cover goes over the hutch on all four sides like an insulator to keep out the cold. It also acts like an umbrella to shelter the rabbit from the driving rain. Not only will it keep your pet warm and dry but it also keeps the bedding and the food supply from getting wet as well - this is important to keep your pet healthy since moisture can cause fungus and bacteria to grow and spread.

A rabbit hutch cover should be one that’s easily removable. You don’t want a cover that stays on 24/7 because the rabbit won’t get enough fresh air flowing inside the hutch. That means that an odor can build up which won’t be pleasant for you or your pet.

You can find many portable covers that slip right on and off the hutch with minimal effort. You’ll want to cover the bunny hutch when you hear reports that bad weather is on the way. If it gets too hot outside, you do not want to cover the hutch because you can make the temperature get too high for the bunny.

But another reason you want to use a cover is to keep attackers out-especially after the sun goes down. It’s not only because what attackers can’t see they can’t get to but most predators that like to swoop down on rabbits can’t get past the cover. Predators that run along the ground to hunt for rabbits can’t lift the cover to get to the rabbit either.

In the evening, when you put a rabbit hutch cover over your bunny’s home, he gains a sense of security and feels protected. If a rabbit spots an enemy and can’t flee from that enemy, his heartrate can increase to a dangerous level and he can have a heart attack - this is where the term ‘scared to death’ comes from when talking about rabbits. Under the cover, however, he can’t see the enemy or be seen which enables him to sleep in peace.