Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

Precision Multi-Plex Rabbit Hutch


The weatherproof asphalt roof, ridge cap, and solid wood skin make this hutch suitable to use outdoors. It will shield your small pets from the sun and rain.

You can choose the ideal location for this hutch because it's easy to adjust the height of each leg, if the ground is uneven.

It's sort of modular so you can cobble on extra units, adjust things and play around with the layout. An extra floor panel and ladder can give a secong floor. The back door can be raised and lowered allowing pets to enter and exit the hutch freely (when attached to the Multi-Plex Play Yard). Optional ventilation panels let more air circulate when it's warm, and, when shut, keep the hutch warmer when it's cold.

You can also use the divider panel that comes with this kit, to section off a cosier area for sleeping, or meditating (do rabbits have deep thoughts?!) or just for hiding. I think the divider also gives the hutch a more homely, warren-like feel.

It is just shy of 3 foot long by 2-and-a-half foot, and 3 and a 1/4 foot high (33 x 39 x 29 inches). So it's not large. But it's good for one rabbit especially if the rabbit has free access to a secure play area.

If you're looking for a hutch for 2 or more rabbits, this is NOT the one for you. It'll be too small.

And look .. you only need a screwdriver to put this hutch together. Easy.

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Super Pet Hexagonal Rabbit Hutch

This is an original hexagonal rabbit hutch. It has been built so that it's functional, and yet extremely eyecatching and attractive. You can get in through the  front and back doors which can be locked.

There's a hay manger on the back door that keeps the hay clean and dry. 

It has a large shelf for resting and for stepping to the high-up nesting box.

It's Weather proof - with the solid back wall, water proof roof,  enclosed box  and rust resistant wire.

Even the protective stain and sealer are non-toxic.  So your pet will be safe and snug in one of these.

There's a cute treat draw that pulls out - saving space. Also, the removable floor panels and the two  pull-out plastic lined litter trays make it easy to clean.

And - you'll love this - there's an adorable rabbit weather vane right at the top!

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How an Indoor Rabbit Hutch Differs From an Outdoor Rabbit Hutch


The discussion between and indoor rabbit hutch and an outdoor rabbit hutch is often a debate among bunny owners. What you have to do is decide on the pros and cons of each type of hutch before you make a decision. But for starters, you can learn about the differences between the two so you can make an informed choice.

Some pet enthusiasts feel that having any type of enclosure for bunnies is wrong and that the animals should be allowed to roam freely from room to room. Not only is this dangerous for both you and the rabbit, it’s not how they live in their natural habitat either.

By having free run all over the house, bunnies can chew on electrical cords and cause a fire - not because they’re mischievous but because chewing on things is just what they do. They can hop up things they shouldn’t be on, fall and get hurt.

They can also eat things they shouldn’t eat and become very ill. By running freely all the time, there’s a good change you could either trip over the rabbit and hurt yourself or step on him and hurt the bunny.

The bunny needs a hutch so he can have a place to sleep where he feels secure. In the wild, rabbits burrow out a hole in the ground where they can be free from their enemies. They need a place where they can burrow in the hay or other bedding no matter where the hutch is located.

An indoor hutch is often smaller and more portable than an outdoor rabbit hutch. You’ll have the ability to change it from one room to another if you need to relocate the rabbit. They’re not intended to keep the rabbit caged in for hours upon end. They’re mainly for the bunny to have a safe hideaway and an area for him to relieve himself.

A lot of hutches that are built to set up outside the home are not as portable. They tend to be heavier and take a lot more effort to move them. Most of them are either built with or come with wooden legs that attach to keep the hutch off the ground and thus out of reach of predators. Hutches that go outside are made wider and taller and some come with a run attached or you can get one separately.

What some rabbit owners did to settle the indoor rabbit hutch versus the outdoor rabbit hutch debate was to get one of each. They keep a small hutch inside the home for when they want to keep the bunny in and have a larger one outside for the rabbit to be able to bask in the warm sunshine and get some exercise.